Pillars of Faith – አእማደ ሚሥጥራት

But in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that I may instruct others also; than ten thousand words in a tongue.

ነገር ግን ሌሎችን ደግሞ አስተምር ዘንድ በማኅበር እልፍ ቃላት በልሳን ከመናገር ይልቅ አምስት ቃላት በአእምሮዬ ልናገር እወዳለሁ።

፩ ቆሮ ፲፬፤፲፱ — 1 Cor 14:19

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church has Five Pillars of Mystery through which it teaches and demonstrates its basic religious belief. They are called Pillars of Mystery since they support and strengthen the faithful in religious teachings just as a pillar supports a roof. These mysteries have Biblical foundation (1Cor. 14:19). Accordingly, the five pillars of mystery are expressed in the Creed, which is the confession of our faith.

The Five Pillars are found below

A.  Mystery of the Trinity

B. Mystery of Incarnation

C. Mystery of Baptism

D. Mystery of the Holy Communion

E.  Mystery of the Resurrection of the Dead